Tegatech Australia
ACA Digital Corporation
We are excited to include the Eyesboard Virtual Keyboard as a standard tool on all of Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs that we offer. Because all of our tablets are slate style and therefore do not have integrated hard button keyboards, having easy access to an onscreen keyboard is a key element for imputing text.

We specifically chose to work with PlazaLogic for this endeavor due to their innovative product design as well as their ability to customize the keyboard application according to our specifications.

(By Martin Smekal, President of TabletKiosk)
BVM Limited
Eyesboard has been an excellent product for use in our embedded PC systems and runs on XP Embedded with no issues. Unlike competing products an on screen keyboard is provided at the Windows login dialogue box allowing Windows login using a touch screen. Configurability via .XML files is a bonus, allowing the on screen keyboard to be easily customized and locked down to prevent end users from mis-using the embedded system.

(By Ian Middleton, Senior Engineer)
PaceBlade Technology
We have been working with PlazaLogic for several years now on a variety of projects. Whether we have needed a new interface design, a new service, or a complete range of productivity applications, they have always provided outstanding service from the initial analysis of our needs, through system specification and development, and onwards with post-release support.

PlazaLogic has always responded to our needs with a flexible, friendly, and above all professional approach. We value our relationship with them and strongly recommend them to anyone who values excellence.

(By Richard Shearn, R&D Manager)