EyesBoard is designed for Windows XP and Vista systems. It is especially useful on those windows systems where the user uses his finger or a stylus to directly input data on the screen. Some examples of such devices are TabletPC, UMPC (Origami), POS systems, Kiosk systems, touchscreen PC's etc. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible due to the limitation of touchscreens and digitizers. These devices only accept a single point input.
To overcome this problem, the modifier keys (shift, control, alt, etc.) will stay down when clicked until the second key is clicked.
EyesBoard is screen resolution independent. It can be resized to accommodate any screen size. It uses vector drawing to guarantee the best result regardless of the used screen resolution. EyesBoard comes with an API which gives you full control of it from within your own application. EyesBoard is written mostly in C# on the .NET framework. The .NET Framework is an integral part of Windows Vista and can be separately installed on XP. Suggestion and remarks are very welcome. Your input will help us to make EyesBoard even better. Please email us at info@plazalogic.com. By using your credit or existed PayPal account, you can purchase EyesBoard license online.